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The Work-Study jobs can be on or off campus. If you work on campus, you'll usually work for your school. If you work off campus, your employer will usually be a private nonprofit organization or a public agency, and the work performed must be in the public interest.

Some schools might have agreements with private for-profit employers for Federal Work-Study jobs. These jobs must be relevant to your course of study, to the maximum extent possible. If you attend a proprietary school, there might be further restrictions on the jobs you can be assigned.
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Work experience has become an important part of student life. Many students view it as an important complement to their studies, while employers greatly value any practical experience graduates have gained during their degree.

For the student the benefits are many: an opportunity to practise their new skills in the workplace, a chance to test their career plans and a means of making contacts within their chosen field. It can also provide a useful source of income.

Student's Job Description

  • What kind of job you would be able to get depends largely on the city/country you are in, on your capabilities and also on your luck. Normaly, the bigger and more technicaly advanced the city is, the more are the chances of getting a job.

  • In countries like Germany, it is comparatively easy to get a technical type of job. If you have good programming knowledge (e.g., Java, C/C++, Web Programming), you can get a job usually within first 2-3 months.
    In Germany; it is also comparatively easy to find an office-type or odd job.

  • In countries like UK (England), it is easy to get any type of job either Odd Job or Office job. But to survive and to meet your expense you can get job easily. It also depends on the city where you are living, as in London there are more chances to get job and in Manchester, Hull, Scotland the living cost is very cheep but jobs are less.

  • In Sweden; it is dificult to find either the office-type or the odd job. In Sweden the Masters is of 1.5 years, the universities are also good, but the job problem is there. Sweden is good for Masters if you can take all the expenses with you. One of the biggest problems that you face while searching for jobs is the language problem.

  • No mater which kind of job you get (office type or odd); you would be able to meet your expenses easily.

Pay Rate for Students

  • In normal days, 20 (or in some cases 15) hours per week is the limit that you are allowed to work part time. By working app 10-15 hours/week, you can not only meet all your expenses but you may also be able to save.

  • You can work every day or alternatively you can choose to work only on the weekends.

  • During the summer (2-3 months) when universities are off, you can work full time to earn and do savings.

  • In United Kingdom (England) :
    Office-type job at a company pays around 8 Pounds per hour. Student job at university pays around 5-6 Pounds Per hour. Odd Job pay around 3-5 Pounds Per hour.

  • In Germany: Office-type job at a company pays around 11 Euros per hour. Student job at university pays around 8-9 Euros per hour.

  • In Denmark : Ofice-type job pays around 125 DKK per hour (but it is difficult to get). Odd job pays around 90 100 DKK per hour.
    In Denmark; it is dificult to find an office-type job, and you would have to manage with odd jobs which you would be able to find easily.
Keep in mind that doing a part-time job would make things slightly tougher, as studying and doing part time jobs simultaneously would require some extra effort, however it is not that much difficult as majority of the students folow this routine and are able to manage quite easily.

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