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Some key Points for IELTS Test

The following useful points should be kept in mind for taking the TOEFL test.
  • IELTS reading (academic test) have three passages and each passage consists of 13 or 14 questions that are formatted differently. Examinees have approximately 20 minutes for each passage. 50% chances are that the first passage is the easiest among three and the last one is the most difficult. And another 50% chances are vice versa. So during the exam, if you find out the first passage is easier than what you have prepared, then you have to be careful and I suggest you speeding up in order to have time to do the final one. In contrast and most important, if the first passage is more difficult than those you did before, make sure to calm down because the last one is the easiest and if you took 25 or even 30 minutes for the first one, and make sure to do the rest precisely and do not panic.
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  • IELTS reading, rather than TOEFL, NEVER ask you to summarize an abstract definition about one paragraph and whole passage. If you meet similar questions, you can find a specific sentence in original text to mention that. For example, it is quite often that you meet a multiple choice question to ask you the general idea of passage, and the answer is always the first sentence of last paragraph of the whole passage because the last paragraph is the conclusion of whole passage.

  • At least 50% of answers directly and indirectly come from the first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph.

  • A lot of students wonder whether they should read passage first or questions first. My answer is we should read each paragraph first, and answer questions that are related to this paragraph, then forgot this paragraph you have read and go on next paragraph, do next part’s questions. This way eliminates the possibility of “finish reading the last paragraph but forget the first one”.

  • Although each question or each group/format of questions have numbers, those numbers do NOT mean the sequence of answers appeared in the passage. It is very possible that the 6th question relates to the first paragraph and 1st question is about 5th paragraph.

  • For all IELTS listening and reading question, if indicates specifically, all answers are NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  • For yes,no,not given question, if the question requires you to answer like YES, NO, NOT GIVEN, if you answers like TRUE, FALSE, NG, you will lose scores although you make the meaning correct, because you are not answering in a correct way.

  • Do NOT fill in answer sheet after you finish all your questions. It is safe to fill out answer sheet three times: each time after you finish one passage.

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